Health Plan Coverage After Leaving the University

Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) Short-term Extension

When a student loses eligibility for the SHBP, they have the option to enroll in a short-term coverage extension. The short-term coverage extension continues Student Health Benefit Plan coverage through the end of the month in which the student loses eligibility (example: if a student graduates in the fall semester and enrolls using the short-term coverage extension, their coverage would continue through January 31 instead of January 16). The cost for primary member short-term coverage extension is $289.

After the short-term coverage extension has ended, students may seek coverage through other sponsored plans or the health insurance marketplace. Students who are Minnesota residents can use MNSure to find coverage.

Please note, other coverage options may not include on-campus health services, such as Boynton Health, in their network of providers. Be sure to check the provider network for a plan before enrolling.


You are eligible for the short-term coverage extension after losing eligibility for the SHBP and if you were enrolled in the SHBP for the prior semester.


Students are eligible to enroll until the last day of the prior semester coverage. For coverage ending after fall semester 2022, students must enroll by January 16, 2023, to extend coverage to January 31, 2023.

To request enrollment, complete an enrollment form (pdf) and return it to the Office of Student Health Benefits.