2023-2024 GAHP Costs

Coverage Costs for Graduate Assistants

The cost (premium) per month is $651.55.

Your account will be charged $195.47 at the beginning of each semester.

The remaining monthly balance will be paid as follows: The University share of the $618.97 balance is equal to twice your appointment percentage. For example, if you hold a 25% appointment, the University will pay half and you pay the rest ($309.48 per month), which is billed once at the beginning of the semester to your student account. If you hold a 50% appointment, the University will pay the entire $618.97. Percentages are based on how many hours are worked per semester.

Assistantship %Fall Premium (5 months)Spring Premium (4 months)Summer Premium (3 months)
Less than 25%Not eligibleNot eligiblePlease see the Summer Coverage page for more information on summer costs.
25%$1,547.43    $1,237.94

Coverage Costs for Graduate Fellows, Trainees, and Postdoctoral Fellows

You may only enroll in the GAHP if your program agrees to pay the full monthly premium, which is $618.97. Departments will need to add the surcharge of $46.00 per month for the department’s portion of the University’s subsidy of dependent coverage (see Department Authorization Form) for a total of $664.97 per month.

At the beginning of each semester, $195.47 will be charged to your account. This fee is not prorated. Postdoctoral fellows who do not have an account will be required to pay the $195.47 by cash, check, debit, or credit card. 

Dependent Rates

Academic Year 2023-2024

The first two months' payment of dependent premiums is due with the enrollment form. Subsequent payments are due no later than the 20th of the month preceding the coverage month (for example, payment is due no later than October 20 for November coverage). Due to processing times during open enrollment, three months of payment may be due in a short period of time. Please prepare for the due dates of the premiums in advance. 

GAHP Dependent Rates Plan 1

Dependent(s)Cost Per Month
One child$130.34
Two or more children$182.78


GAHP Dependent Rates Plan 2

Dependent(s)Cost Per Month
One child$202.14
Two or more children$236.41