GAHP Continuation of Coverage

Coverage After Your Graduate Position Ends

After losing eligibility for the Graduate Assistant Health Plan (GAHP)—your assistantship drops below 195 hours (25%), you leave your appointment, or your appointment, fellowship, or traineeship ends—you have the option to continue coverage for up to 18 months at your own expense.

2024-2025 Continuation Form

How to Continue Your GAHP Coverage

To request continuation, complete the Continuation of Coverage Enrollment Form and return it to the Office of Student Health Benefits within 60 days of loss of coverage. You must include the method of payment for the first two months of coverage with your completed form.

Current students enrolled in the Continuation of Coverage option with or without dependents must re-enroll to remain on the Continuation of Coverage option.

Primary Member Cost

The primary member cost (premium) is $707.41 per month. Dependent coverage may also be continued on the same terms as previously enrolled, but you will pay the full cost of dependent coverage. The total cost to the member will be the cost of the selected dependent plan plus the cost of primary member coverage. Family coverage is defined as a spouse and one or more children.

Continuation Dependent Cost

Dependent Plan 1Cost Per Month
One Child$564.67
Two or more children$784.37


Dependent Plan 2Cost Per Month
One Child$875.12
Two or more children$1,024.39

Payment Information

Payment is due no later than the 20th of the month proceeding the coverage month. (For example, payment is due no later than October 20 for November coverage). Make payments directly to the University of Minnesota and send them to the Office of Student Health Benefits. Failure to remit payments by the payment due date will result in interruption or loss of coverage.

Your first payment will include the cost of coverage from the date eligibility was lost through pre-paying for the following month. The first payment may reflect several months’ coverage if your enrollment for continuation coverage was delayed.