Frequently Asked Questions: Health Care and Insurance Terms for International Students

What is Boynton Health? Boynton Health is your on-campus health clinic supported by your Student Services Fee and health insurance. You can go to Boynton Health for your routine check-up, if you get sick or injured, or to get medicine.

What is a Quick Clinic or Convenience Clinic? This is a type of walk-in clinic that treats minor illnesses and provides basic preventive health services. You do not need an appointment at this type of clinic. There is a quick clinic at Boynton Health, called the Gopher Quick Clinic.

What does Primary Care mean? Primary Care is basic health care that one receives from a doctor. Based on a primary care appointment, you may be referred for secondary care.

Example: Your routine physical exam (body check) is considered primary care. Primary Care services are available at Boynton Health.

What is Urgent Care? Urgent Care is a type of walk-in clinic that treats illnesses and injuries that need immediate care but are typically of not such seriousness to require services of an Emergency Room. You do not need an appointment to go to an urgent clinic. There is an Urgent Care Clinic at Boynton Health.

What is an ER? An ER, or emergency room, is a medical facility open 24 hours a day that treats acute illness and injury that poses an immediate risk to a person’s life or long-term  health. You do not need an appointment to go to the ER.

What is a prescription? A prescription is a medicine that is prescribed to you by a doctor. You need to fill your prescription at a pharmacy. There is usually a co-pay for the prescription. Members of the Student Health Benefit Plan should fill their prescriptions at the Boynton Health Pharmacy.

What is an immunization? An immunization helps your body fight off specific diseases. A vaccination is how the immunization is administered. Boynton Health provides a variety of immunizations to University students.

What is a deductible? A deductible is the amount of money you are required to pay prior to the insurance plan paying any expenses. The Student Health Benefit Plan has a $250 deductible.

Example: If your insurance plan has a $250 deductible and your doctor's appointment costs $400, you are required to pay $250 before your insurance plan will pay any of the expense.

What is coinsurance? Coinsurance is the predetermined percentage of the allowed amount you must pay for certain covered services.

Example: If your insurance plan has a 20% coinsurance and your doctor's appointment costs $400, you are required to pay $80 out-of-pocket for the cost of the appointment.

What is a copay? A copay, or copayment, is a payment you are required to pay for a medical appointment or prescription. A copay is a small amount of the actual cost of the service or medication.

What is a network? A network is a group of clinics and/or doctors that are contracted with the insurance company.

What is in-network? In-network, also referred to as "participating provider”, refers to a clinic or doctor in your insurance company's contracted network. Approximately 98% of the clinics in Minnesota are in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network. When utilizing non-campus providers you should confirm that they are in-network prior to receiving services. Contact Blue Cross directly at 651-662-5004 for confirmation.