GAHP Dental Benefits

Dental Plan Highlights

Here's a reason to smile, the Graduate Assistant Health Plan (GAHP) includes a dental benefit. You and your dependent children, up to age 19, may receive preventive services such as routine exams, X-rays, and cleanings at no out-of-pocket cost once every six (6) months at the dental clinic designated for your campus.

GAHP also pays 80% of basic restorative services and 50% of major restorative services up to $1,000 per academic year. Dependents receive preventive and other covered restorative dental services at a 20-30% discount. 

Consult the full summary of benefits for details:

Twin Cities Campus

Boynton Health Dental Clinic provides GAHP dental benefits for the Twin Cities campus. 

  • Phone: 612-624-9998 

Duluth Campus

Lake Superior Dental Associates provides GAHP dental benefits for the Duluth campus. 

  • Phone: 218-728-6445

Preventive Care Reimbursement

If you have preventive dental work performed at a clinic not designated for your campus, a one-time credit (per academic year) of up to $150 may be refunded to you. This benefit is only for primary members, not dependents. By electing this reimbursement option, you are not eligible to receive coverage for preventive treatment at the Boynton Health Dental Clinic during the plan year.

Emergency Care

Emergency care is available to alleviate pain and/or discomfort. Call your designated campus dental clinic during normal clinic hours. During evenings and weekends, call this same number for contact information for emergency care.