Health Sciences Students Long-Term Disability (LTD)

The Office of Student Health Benefits partners with Foster Klima to provide long-term disability (LTD) insurance for Health Sciences students who are enrolled in a qualifying program. To learn more about your disability benefit or for help with financial questions, contact your designated Foster Klima representative found below.

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While Attending the University

Health Sciences students invest considerable time and money into their chosen profession. During a critical time in a student’s life, while attending the University of Minnesota, the rare occurrence of a disability could prove to be an extreme financial problem. Long-term disability insurance provides protection for students should a disability occur. If, for example, a student develops a condition preventing the student from continuing their education, long-term disability insurance will offset the future income lost due to the student’s inability to practice in their chosen field. The benefit is available up to the age they are eligible for Social Security benefits.

Eligible Health Sciences students will see a charge of $50.82, an average cost of $8.47 per month for disability coverage on their student account once at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Payment of this fee for two consecutive semesters provides year-round coverage for the student, until the next semester begins or the student graduates. For example, if a student pays the fee fall semester and spring semester, the student will have coverage through summer until the fall semester begins or they graduate (whichever occurs first).

 For detailed information, view the brochure below: 

After Graduation

Upon graduation students will have the opportunity to convert to an individual long-term disability plan. This means students can obtain individual coverage that they own and take with them after they graduate. An estimated 30 percent of graduates applying for disability coverage will be rejected or be offered limited benefits due to pre-existing conditions. However, University of Minnesota Health Sciences students can enroll in Foster Klima’s individual plan regardless of any pre-existing medical conditions.

Long-term disability members may enroll in this guaranteed standard issue conversion option anytime during and up to 60 days after the group plan ends.

Plan Representatives

For more information, or to schedule a meeting, contact one of your University-designated Foster Klima representatives.

SchoolProgramsFoster Klima Representative(s)

Medical School (select programs)

School of Nursing (select programs)

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics; Bioethics; Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics; Experimental Surgery; Health Informatics; Human Genetics; Internal Medicine; Microbiology; Neuroscience; Otolaryngology; Pharmacology; Surgery; Toxicology

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Integrative Biology and Physiology; Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology

Master of Nursing; Nursing

Matt Hermann
[email protected]

School of Dentistry (select programs)

College of Veterinary Medicine

Dentistry; Oral Biology

Comparative and Molecular Biosciences; Veterinary Medicine


Dustin Peltier
[email protected]

Allyson Peltier
[email protected]


College of Pharmacy - Duluth CampusMedicinal Chemistry; Pharmaceutics; Pharmacy; Social, Administrative, and Clinical PharmacyErik Bohn
[email protected]
College of Pharmacy - Twin Cities CampusMedicinal Chemistry; Pharmaceutics; Pharmacy; Social, Administrative, and Clinical PharmacyChris Elhardt
[email protected]

Center for Allied Health (select programs)

Medical School (select programs)

School of Dentistry (select programs)

School of Public Health (select programs)

College of Pharmacy (select programs)

Health Informatics; Medical Laboratory Sciences; Mortuary Science; Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Dental Hygiene; Dental Therapy

Biostatistics; Community Health Promotion; Environmental Health; Health Care Administration; Public Health Administration and Policy; Public Health Nutrition; Public Health Practice

Core Concepts; Epidemiology; Maternal and Child Health; 

Pharmacy Med Lab 

Nick Davidson
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I waive long-term disability coverage?

Enrollment in Guardian long-term disability insurance is required for all degree-seeking students in qualifying Health Sciences programs. The semester coverage fee is non-refundable.

The long-term disability plan was implemented at the request of Health Sciences students. The School of Dentistry has provided this type of group disability coverage for their students since 2006. Health Sciences turned to the Office of Student Benefits to secure a group disability plan for all degree-seeking Health Sciences students.

In order to secure the low cost and superior benefits of a group plan, all qualifying Health Sciences programs must be enrolled in the plan. Guardian provides a high quality, cost effective disability insurance plan designed for student coverage and protection—now and after graduation. In addition to low cost and high quality benefits, this group plan also offers coverage for all students regardless of preexisting condition. 

Are there any exceptions?

There are no exceptions. All degree-seeking students in qualifying Health Sciences programs will be enrolled in the Guardian long-term disability insurance plan.

You will see a charge of $50.82—an average cost of $8.47 per month—for this coverage on your student account once at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Payment of this fee for two consecutive semesters provides year around coverage until graduation from your program.

How is this different from the individual or employer-sponsored disability insurance I already have?
Guardian long-term disability insurance for Health Sciences students is designed for students, and is different from individual or employer-sponsored disability insurance.

If disabled while in school, Guardian would provide a monthly disability benefit to the student, along with a benefit to offset expenses incurred while in school (e.g. bank loans or loans from parents). An individual or employer-sponsored plan will not.

Students with an individual or employer-sponsored disability policy could collect on both policies should a disability occur.

Guardian Long-Term Disability Insurance also offers guaranteed issue of individual disability coverage that students may purchase at the time of graduation—with no preexisting condition exclusions. This opportunity is significant, as Long-Term Disability insurance can be difficult to obtain. An estimated 30% of graduates applying for disability coverage will be rejected or be offered limited benefits due to a pre-existing condition, this program eliminates that possibility.

Find more information on Foster Klima's website.

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