GAHP Help & Contact Info

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  • Eligibility
  • Enrollment
  • Billing
  • General questions
Contact the Office of Student Health Benefits
Phone: 612-624-0627 or 1-800-232-9017
Fax: 612-626-5183 or 1-800-624-9881
Email: [email protected] 
  • Coverage and services
  • In-network providers
  • Resources to help manage your health

Contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Phone: 651-662-5004 or 1-866-870-0348


  • Emergency travel assistance

Contact HX Global/Healix International
Phone: 202-659-7786 (collect outside the US) or 800-344-2500 (toll-free in the US and Canada)
Email: [email protected]