Well-being Resources

Well-being is the combination of many aspects, including your physical, emotional, financial, and social health. Use the resources below to support your overall health and well-being.

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Well-being Program

The Well-being Program for the 2018-2019 Academic Year begins October 15. 

The Well-being Program provided by HealthPartners offers no-cost resources to help enrollees learn about their current health and access activities that support well-being.

  • Biometric health screenings and assessments
  • Online and mobile programs to help with sleep, stress, weight and more
  • Virtual coaching for life balance, living well and tobacco cessation
  • Health coaching to help you make lifestyle changes

Visit your myHealthPartners portal to access Well-being Program activities and resources.

How to create a new myHealthPartners account PDF icon.

Online Mental Health Resource

Learn to Live provides online programs to help with stress, depression, social anxiety and insomnia. The programs are confidential, available at no cost to you and completed at your own pace. Visit learntolive.com/partners and enter code “UMN” for access.

Emergency Travel Assistance

New Vendor Starting January 1, 2019

The University will transition to a new emergency travel assistance provider, moving from UnitedHealthcare Global to Redpoint, effective January 1, 2019. If you are traveling more than 100 miles from home or traveling internationally any time January 1 and after, take a moment to print a new travel assistance cardPDF icon with 24/7 emergency contact information before January 1.

Redpoint: Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance Services and Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Coverage

Redpoint is an emergency assistance program that you and your covered dependents are automatically enrolled in. This service provides 24/7 multilingual assistance plus immediate help in a travel-related emergency, whether you are 100 or more miles from home or traveling internationally.

Redpoint services include:

  • Help at every step. Redpoint offers pre-trip resources, emergency assistance and evacuation services, as well as intelligence and travel assistance services.
  • Worldwide medical and dental care referrals. Offers assistance in locating the nearest appropriate health care provider.
  • Dispatch of doctors or specialists and coordination of admission into a hospital. Redpoint arranges needed medical evacuation from your current location to the nearest appropriate hospital.
  • Emergency travel assistance. Flight arrangements, including arranging for tickets, visas, and logistical arrangements in case you are involved in a political emergency or a natural disaster.

If you have questions, contact Redpoint at 855-516-5433 (U.S. and Canada), or 1-415-484-4677 (collect calls accepted) or operations@redpointresolutions.com.

UnitedHealthcare Global

The University will stop offering emergency travel assistance through UnitedHealthcare Global (UHG) starting January 1, 2019. If you are working with UHG on a claim that was opened in 2018, UHG will continue to provide assistance until your case is resolved, even if it closes after the transition to Redpoint.

Using UHG Prior to January 1, 2019: If you need assistance, call the number on the back of your UHG ID cardPDF icon for the country where you are traveling or call collect to 410-453-6330 (U.S.) for the UHG Assistance Center.

Pharmacy Tools

HealthPartners offers several online tools to assist with your pharmacy needs.

Health Club Membership Reimbursement

Plan enrollees who do not pay the Student Services Fee* are eligible to receive up to a $20 per month reimbursement toward their member dues at the Minneapolis or St. Paul Rec & Wellness center if they visit at least eight times a month.

Contact the Twin Cities Campus University Rec & Wellness Center to sign up!
Phone: 612-625-6800
Email: recwell@umn.edu

*All University of Minnesota students paying the Student Services Fee have automatic membership to RecWell facilities and are not eligible for reimbursement.

Retail Savings

Get discounts at more than 40 local and national retailers of health and wellness products and services with your HealthPartners Member ID card, including:

  • Eye care
  • Pet care
  • Fitness and well-being
  • Healthy eating programs and delivery services

For a current list of retail participants, visit HealthPartners Savings.

Pregnancy Support

HealthPartners' Healthy Pregnancy program gives new and expecting mothers the support they need. Sign up for one-on-one tips from an experienced nurse or access other helpful tools. Plus, HealthPartners' BabyLine answers your questions about pregnancy or infants up to six weeks old. Just call 612-333-2229 or 1-800-845-9297.