Well-being Program

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The University of Minnesota is committed to providing an environment where health and overall well-being are a priority. No matter your well-being goal, whether it’s to lose weight, reduce stress, manage a chronic condition, or maintain your health, the Well-being Program through HealthPartners offers ways for you to achieve that goal.

As part of the Well-being Program, we want you to learn more about your current health and provide resources to support you in your health and well-being goals. 

Getting Started
If you haven't already, you will need to register for a myHealthPartners account to access the Well-being Program activities. Find instructions on creating a new myHealthPartners account herePDF icon.  

Students enrolled in the Graduate Assistant Health Plan through HealthPartners have access to the following well-being opportunities:

Biometric Health Screening
Gain a better understanding of your individual health metrics such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and BMI by participating in a free biometric health screening. Free screenings on all campuses are available through Boynton Health. Learn more and sign up here

Use the results from your biometric health screening to complete your health assessment.

Health Assessment
As part of the annual health and well-being program, we want you to learn more about your current health and well-being. That’s where taking a health assessment comes in. This short, 15 minute health assessment will help you discover just how healthy you are. Find the Health Assessment at myHealthPartners. After logging in, click on the "Health assessment and well-being activities" link.

Well-being Programs

  • Health coaching - You can talk with a health coach to make meaningful lifestyle changes. You have unlimited access to HealthPartners telephone-based health coaching. Complete at least three calls to complete this program.
  • Virtual coaching - Interact with an online virtual health coach on your own time, when it's convenient for you. Each program consists of three conversations with a virtual coach.
  • Online and mobile programs - Achieve better health by participating in an online program. The MePlus by HealthPartners app syncs with your online programs, to allow you to track your healthy behaviors at home or on the go. Track for a minimum of eight weeks to complete this program.

Log on to myHealthPartners and get started today!

Other Well-being Opportunities