GAHP Open Enrollment

Basic Plan Information

HealthPartners provides the plan network and claims administration services for the Graduate Assistant Health Plan (GAHP).

Primary Member Highlights

  • No in-network deductible
  • 100% coverage of eligible expenses after a $10 office visit copay
  • Dental care benefits: preventive and restorative care coverage at your campus’ designated dental clinic (coinsurance applies)

Find more information on the plan in the 2018-2019 enrollment brochure PDF icon.

Plan Year Dates

The 2018-2019 plan year goes from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.


To be eligible for the GAHP, you must work 195 hours per semester in an eligible position and you must be properly registered for the number of credits required for your job class or appointment. Coverage terminates at the end of the month in which you graduate or at the end of the month in which your position ends (as long as you have worked the required number of hours), except for under the summer coverage provision. Learn more and find detailed eligibility information.


Graduate Assistant Status

Enrollment Action

New graduate assistants, fellows and trainees

To receive benefits, you must complete the enrollment process by September 17, 2018 or within 14 days of your appointment start date, whichever is later.

Current GAHP members (with no enrolled dependents)

You do not need to re-enroll. Your enrollment will automatically continue next term as long as you remain an eligible graduate assistant, fellow or trainee.

Current GAHP members (with enrolled dependents)

You must re-enroll yourself and your dependents by September 17, 2018.

Student enrollment: Complete and submit an enrollment form PDF icon.

Students currently enrolled in the plan without dependents do not need to re-enroll. Current coverage will continue after the Office of Student Health Benefits verifies eligibility. Those with dependents need to re-enroll, even if they’re not re-enrolling their dependents.

Dependent enrollment: Complete and submit an enrollment form PDF icon and the first two months’ payment for dependents.

Forms & Brochures

Contact Information

For questions about:

  • Eligibility
  • Enrollment
  • Billing
  • General Information

Contact the Office of Student Health Benefits

612-624-0627 or 1-800-232-9017

For questions about:

  • Medical coverage
  • Wellness program
  • In-network providers
  • Resources to help manage your health

Contact HealthPartners

952-883-7500 or 866-270-5434