GAHP Dependents

Dependent Eligibility

You can enroll your dependents at the same time you are initially eligible; within 31 days of involuntary loss of other coverage; within 31 days of marriage, birth, or adoption; if on a University of Minnesota sponsored visa, within 31 days of a recent arrival into the US; or during the open enrollment period.

When can I add or drop my dependents?

You can drop dependent coverage at any time. Eligible cancellations will occur at the end of the month in which the Office of Student Health Benefits receives the completed Enrollment and Change Form PDF icon for the plan year.

International students with dependents on a University of Minnesota sponsored visa must submit supporting documentation showing enrollment in a US based employer insurance, returning documents or confirmation they have returned to their home country for 90 days or more in order to cancel their coverage. 

You can add your dependents when you are first eligible, during the open enrollment period, or due to a family status change. Status changes include:

  • Involuntary loss of other coverage
  • Change in legal marital status, including marriage, divorce or annulment
  • Death of your spouse or last eligible dependent child
  • Birth or adoption of your eligible dependent child

You must make your request for a change in your coverage, consistent with the status change, within 31 days of the date of change. 

Please be sure to notify the Office of Student Health Benefits of any change in dependents, or cancellation of coverage by completing and submitting an Enrollment and Change Form PDF icon

Can I change my dependent medical plan election at any time?

No, you may only change plans annually during open enrollment.