Emergency Travel Assistance

Redpoint: Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance Services and Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Coverage

Redpoint is an emergency assistance program that you and your covered dependents are automatically enrolled in. This service provides 24/7 multilingual assistance plus immediate help in a travel-related emergency, whether you are 100 or more miles from home or traveling internationally. The travel assistance card PDF icon has 24/7 emergency contact information on it.

Redpoint services include:

  • Help at every step. Redpoint offers pre-trip resources, emergency assistance and evacuation services, as well as intelligence and travel assistance services.
  • Worldwide medical and dental care referrals. Offers assistance in locating the nearest appropriate health care provider.
  • Dispatch of doctors or specialists and coordination of admission into a hospital. Redpoint arranges needed medical evacuation from your current location to the nearest appropriate hospital.
  • Emergency travel assistance. Flight arrangements, including arranging for tickets, visas, and logistical arrangements in case you are involved in a political emergency or a natural disaster.

If you have questions, contact Redpoint at 855-516-5433 (U.S. and Canada), or 1-415-484-4677 (collect calls accepted) or operations@redpointresolutions.com.

Detailed table of Redpoint emergency travel assistance servicesPDF icon