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Plan design comparison of SHBP and an individual plan

Compare & Save

Looking for affordable and comprehensive health coverage? Consider the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP). When compared to the individual marketplace, the SHBP has a lower premium cost and no deductible – something you can’t find on individual plans!

Basic Plan Information

  • 100% coverage of essential benefits as outlined in the Affordable Care Act
  • No deductible - something you can’t find on individual plans in the marketplace
  • 80% coverage of eligible expenses
  • Access to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield worldwide network
  • Preventive and periodontal dental benefits - additional coverage can be purchased through the Dental Buy-Up Plan
  • Year-round coverage

View the 2017-2018 SHBP enrollment brochure.

Check your campus’ full benefit summary for detailed benefit information:

    • Crookston (coming soon)
    • Duluth (coming soon)
    • Morris (coming soon)
    • Rochester (coming soon)
    • Twin Cities (coming soon)

Coverage Options

You have many options for health coverage in addition to the SHBP, to find health coverage on the individual marketplace, visit

Also, depending on your income, family composition and tax filing status, you may be eligible for subsidies. Learn more.


Academic Year 2017-2018:
Term Dates
Fall 08/21/2017 – 01/15/2018
Spring (includes Summer term) 01/16/2018 – 8/19/2018
Summer 05/14/2018 – 8/19/2018

Costs for Students

Fall and Spring Semester (includes summer semester)
Coverage for Cost
Student only $1,050/semester
Spouse Add $1,560/semester
One child Add $1,158/semester
Two or more children Add $1,656/semester

International scholars, please visit the Dates & Cost page for more information. 


Students who are: 1) admitted to a degree program; and 2) registered for six or more credits per semester that count towards the automatic assessment of the Student Services Fee; are required by the University of Minnesota to have health plan coverage. Students who meet both of these criteria are eligible for enrollment in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan. Some credits do not count toward eligibility for the SHBP.

Prescription Coverage

If you take prescription medication, be sure to review our pharmacy formularyPDF icon to verify your medications are covered.


Ready to enroll? Complete an enrollment formPDF icon and submit to the Office of Student Health Benefits by September 27.

Dental Coverage

The Student Health Benefit Plan includes preventive and periodontal dental benefits. If you enroll in the SHBP, you will automatically be enrolled in the Preventive/Periodontics Plan. The Preventive/Periodontics Plan includes coverage for cleaning and x-rays, but not for restorative services such as fillings, tooth removal and emergency treatment.

If you would like coverage for restorative services (emergency treatment, fillings and tooth removal), the optional Student Dental Buy-Up Plan provides additional coverage for an added cost of $138 per semester. To enroll in the optional restorative services coverage, the Dental Buy-Up Plan, please fill out and submit an Enrollment Form PDF iconAn additional cost of $138 will be charged to your student account at the beginning of fall and spring semester. The deadline to enroll in the Dental Buy-Up Plan is September 27, 2017. If you do not elect coverage, you will not have the option to do so again until fall 2018.

International Students & Scholars

International students and scholars have different eligibility and health insurance requirements. Contact our office with questions.